So, is it “Riot” or “RIOT”? Because the latter is much more badass.

RIOT, of course.

I think the game looks sick. Therefore, I would like to know a release date.

RIOT is in active development, but still at an early stage.

It is therefore currently impossible to announce an eventual release date since it depends on multiple factors which we cannot predict.

We will announce it as soon as possible, and we also hope to have a demo soon. Stay tuned for that!

EDIT: The beta version for tablets is scheduled for November.

Will the PC/Mac/Linux version be sold on Steam ?

Apparently yes!

Thanks to all who voted and made this happen!

Besides PC/Mac/Linux, iOS, Android, Ouya, will this game be on PS4, WiiU, Windows phone, Xperia Play, Blackberry Z10, Commodore 64?

We are interested in bringing the game to all the possible platforms, whether it makes sense and it’s possible (considering specs, controls etc…) but we can only support a certain number with the current budget.