Reset 3.0

Hey everyone.
The last several months have been very slow, full of confusion, stress, miscomunication and lots of exhaustion. The whole design and programming side will have to be redone from scratch, this time in a much cleaner and efficient way, but considering that most of the art side of the project has been made, I’m not worried about how everything is going to turn out.
Time wise, obviously after the last changes it’s going to take a bit longer, so there won’t be any beta or demo anytime soon, but no worries, after a few new changes it seems like we might be able to have some much better and faster result on the long run.


It’s a long, rough, battle, but the war ain’t over yet. Many things happened, and many more are bound to happen, but until the game is out, I will personally never give up. So stay tuned everyone, it’s a long journey, but the fight will reach it’s end at the right point in time. Promising paths are already heading our way.