RIOT Police Uniforms

Hello everyone,


Today I’ve decided to spoil some of the police uniforms that the game will feature.


Brazilian Uniform

Chinese Uniform

Egyptian Rough

Egyptian Heavy

Egyptian Ballistic

French Uniform

Greek Heavy

Greek Light

Italian Carabinieri

Italian Police

Korean Police

Russian Police

Spanish Police

Turkish Police

UK Police

USA Police



Keep in mind that all these uniforms are composed by many separated elements. Each police unit will have different costume parts that will randomly vary based on the team organization. The details are noticeable just enough to give each character some unique personality.




Our main goal is to replicate unpredictable but realistic situations to give you the sensation of control vs freedom that you experience in real life during the course of most riots. That’s why each single character will also have different stats that will determine its psychology and its ability to react in different ways depending on the situations they’re in. Fear, fury, revenge, stamina, self-control, and many others, will be some of the elements that will make all characters more alive.


In the next few weeks you might be able to see some in-game footage, so stay tuned, follow us and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. I’ll try to reply personally to most emails if possible.

2014 is starting out in an interesting way. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next.